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Navi Redd | Acappella Band

Navi Redd
  • Johannesburg

About:  Navi Redd | Acappella Band


Let’s face it, men singing Navi Redd – Acappella Entertainers has never been an unsightly occurrence … and these acappella rebels bend all of the rules and regulations of this genre. 100 % testosterone, 120 % talent, eye candy, ear candy …

‘Acappella’ of course meaning no musical instruments, no back-tracks … using nothing other than their brilliant vocal chords and astounding microphone techniques.

Navi Redd is an acappella group with a sting in its tail and their repertoire includes anything from Grease, The Beach Boys to Johnny Clegg, Steve Hofmeyer, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bee Gees to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nickelback and Timbaland.

Since the group’s inception in early 2004, Navi Redd have been amusing crowds all over South Africa, growing to be loved by the public and widely respected by all involved in the corporate entertainment industry.

“Navi Redd is one of those rare breed of artists who combine a spellbinding mastery of vocal sounds with captivating originality. This is seen in their innovative ideas in marketing and reaching younger and newer audiences in the music market in South-Africa.

Navi Redd – Acappella Entertainers vocal expertise and passion for their work, make them especially marketable in the South African Industry, where audiences have not been exposed to their work.

I believe that Navi Redd is one of the most exciting, accomplished and promising vocal groups to emerge from South Africa…”Richard Loring, Theatre Supremo

Navi Redd | Acappella Band

Hanno Zeeman

When not on stage, Hanno is working as a Customer Profitability Analyst with Absa the Johannesburg CBD.

He is also a part of the Management of Navi Redd, looking after the finances.

He enjoys socializing with family and friends, and recently started playing rugby again.

He also enjoys gardening with his wife Stefanie.

Hennie Meyer

The only Navi Redd member currently living in Pretoria, Hennie works as the Group Management Accountant at the Life Hospital Group.

He is definitely one of the peoples favourites, and his warm bass voice is a crowd discussion point after each performance.

He is married to lovely wife Valicia, and he has a daughter Mignon

Sparky Toerien

Sparky is very busy with his Catering ventures when he is not wowing crowds with his very unusual percussion gift and unmissable stage personality.

Fans name their pets after him, children want to be him.

He is married to lovely wife Habre.

Schalk Baard

Schalk represents Earthmed (Surgical Supplier) in the East of Gauteng, and spends most of his day in the operating theatre when he is not singing.

He also forms a part of the Management of Navi Redd.

He loves playing Touch Rugby and spending time with his lovely wife Mandi. Schalk also became proud father of his child Jeandre in 2013.

Andre Van Wyk

Killer is currently the head of Marketing and Relations for the University of Johannesburg’s Accounting Department.

He also is in charge of all the logistical planning for Navi Redd Management.

Killer loves road running, and in June this year , he will be running in his third Comrades marathon. The Ultimate Human Race.

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