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Ron Garan | NASA Inspiring Astronaut

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About:  Ron Garan | NASA Inspiring Astronaut

Having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan has a place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic father of three is a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, and a social entrepreneur.

A thirty-year career in the US Air Force and NASA has given Ron a unique perspective on how teams function under stress.


Ron has been a member of several high-performing teams in combat, during high-risk test flights, and in dealing with life-or-death aircraft emergencies—which have forged a process to turn stress into performance.


Ron merges those lessons with his entrepreneurial and corporate executive experience, providing unique insights for organizations facing tough challenges.


The idea of strapping yourself to a rocket filled with 4 million pounds of explosives forces one to learn and accept new technology.

Many of the problems facing organizations today have technological solutions. However, we can’t just slap a technical Band-Aid on a problem and expect it to go away. Success occurs when we take a holistic approach to technical solutions. Using real-world examples, Ron navigates the benefits and unintended consequences of technology in an increasingly interdependent landscape.


Keynotes & Speeches

Taking Ron’s orbital perspective, audiences learn to look beyond what separates us and to recognize that we’re are all in this together, on one common mission.



Ron’s career as an astronaut, decorated combat fighter pilot, commercial space executive, and humanitarian offers a unique perspective to any meeting or event. His lessons from living, working, and spacewalking on the International Space Station, perhaps the most complex structure ever built, serve as a perfect illustration for collaboration.


His approach has a powerful effect, allowing audiences to set aside differences, work as a team, and embrace change for a brighter future. Ron’s long-term and big-picture perspective continues to effect positive change in individuals and organizations across the planet.

Ron Garan | NASA Inspiring Astronaut

Core Topics


Leadership & Risk Management

Finding Unity in Divisive Times

Embracing Change & Technology

Corporate Social Responsibility


Business enterprise has the incredible power either to destroy our world by clinging to a two-dimensional, us-versus-them, winner-take-all mind-set at all costs, or to save our world by embracing the reality of the interdependent nature of all things and incorporating a new paradigm of long-term thinking and profound collaboration.


Companies that cling to the old models will begin to see themselves being left behind and will have to adapt, evolve, and take on a much more cooperative approach to keep up with the economic growth that true collaboration will spark.


Key Takeaways:


Learn how to write corporate social responsibility into the DNA of your organization.

Open and transparent collaboration will fuel tremendous economic growth.

The three-key pillars are: interdependence, profound collaboration, long-term thinking.


Innovation & Planetary Stewardship

We can take an environmentally sustainable business approach while developing new and exciting products and services, creating more jobs, and increasing profitability.



Issues such as global warming, deforestation, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss can’t be addressed as stand-alone issues when in reality, they are symptoms of an underlying root problem, which is that we do not see ourselves as planetary.


Key Takeaways:


We don’t live on a globe.

Go after the root cause rather than the symptom.

Work with our biosphere, not against it.

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