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Nancy Rademaker | Customer Behaviour

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About:  Nancy Rademaker | Customer Behaviour

Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female international keynote speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer behaviour and how that affects the way companies should interact with customers.

She likes to share her first-hand experiences straight from the places where technology is shaping our future.

Nancy Rademaker has over 20 years of experience in how technology was and is transforming society, working for different IT companies, amongst which five years for Microsoft in the Netherlands and Europe. She loves to share her passion for technology and combines that valuable inside information with her experience in training and education.

She has always been enthusiastic about people and customer-centric strategies. She likes to focus on how technology influences people’s behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge and to create and innovate.

Nancy Rademaker is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, she has energized many corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of digital transformation, extreme customer centricity, disruption, AI, business model change and leadership.

In 2016 she joined nexxworks as a partner. She travels the world taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Berlin,… using that first-hand inspiration as a continuous and valuable source, thus keeping the keynote content and examples on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, developments and disruptive new business models.

Nancy Rademaker | Customer Behaviour


THE X Factor of Customer Centricity

This keynote speech from Nancy Rademaker takes the audience on a journey of human change, the effect on organizations and how customer centricity and focusing on Customer Experience (CX) is essential to acquire and retain customers.
But the X factor is not only about the customer. An equal focus on Employee Experience (EX) will distinguish great companies from average ones. CX and EX are to go hand in glove for organizations to be successful and this requires a drastic cultural change. One in which processes and procedures need to be rethought from scratch, and where leadership and organizational structure need a thorough make-over.

The Power of AI

In this keynote, Nancy Rademaker highlights how big data and new technologies have brought us on the cusp of a new Augmented Age that will change not only businesses, but the entire fabric of society as well. Nancy Rademaker provides an easy to understand overview of what AI is and how it works, based on scientific research, and animated with lively and impressive examples.

But most importantly, Nancy will convey what AI can do and how it can contribute to augmenting your business, from gaining exponential improvements in efficiency to acquiring deeper customer knowledge.

Leadership & Digital Transformation in The Beyond

Exponentially evolving technology is transforming the outside world like never before. The world of business, too, is changing at the same speed of light and leaders are having a hard time catching up and moving ahead to thrive in The Beyond.


Healthcare in The Beyond – Patient Centricity is THE Leading Game

Nothing is more important to us than our health, and it will be the healthcare sector that is going to be redefined completely by technology. The whole of humanity will be affected. Healthcare will be driven much more by consumers than physicians as the patient is taking control of his own health and his own treatment. In this hyperconnected world, any healthcare company needs to become agile and adopt a fluid strategy.

Nancy Rademaker keynote is not only interesting for people from the healthcare sector, but is a perfect example of the positive impact of technology, big data, Artificial Intelligence and robotization.

BIG Tech disrupting Healthcare

Healthcare as an industry is facing systematic changes driven by trends such as shifting demographics, exponential growth of healthcare data, and an increasing administrative burden. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for an answer to these challenges.

The big tech companies like FAMGA (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, & Apple) in the West and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent) in the East are continuously looking for ways to leverage their customer base and technology to improve the overall healthcare experience. Both from a consumer AND enterprise perspective are they set up to capture a piece of the multi-trillion global healthcare market.

It is high time for any healthcare company to reconsider its position now and in the future.

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