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John Sanei | Fascinating Future Strategist

About:  John Sanei | Fascinating Future Strategist

John Sanei is business strategist, author and entrepreneur and a Singularity University Faculty Member, working with clients across industries and around the world with over 20 years’ experience.

John Sanei addresses the contextualization of trends that have a direct impact on how executives and business owners innovate at every touch point of their organizations – focusing on the future of industries, consumers and employees.

Trends Specialist

Trends and strategy don’t come in a box – they need to work for your consumer, your industry and your employees. John always starts at executive-level, to unravel the bottom-line targets by using the Trenovate(TM) methodology: a consulting journey towards trend-informed change. This leads into John’s Culture S.T.A.R.S(TM) and R.A.P.I.D(TM) Innovation workshops that kick-start a practical prototyping and implementation process.

John Sanei | Fascinating Future Strategist


John speaks about the future so that leaders and companies can ask the right questions about what it takes to be ‘Forever Profitable’. He has built his repertoire by speaking to audiences across the globe and by shifting mindsets in smaller groups or one-on-one coaching sessions.


John’s book, ‘What’s Your Moonshot?‘ explains what it takes to thrive – rather than merely survive – in our extraordinary changing times. With a future-focused victor mindset, John decodes the mega-trends that are reshaping human behavior and the way in which we do business and John Sanei – Trends Innovation Speaker explains how to innovate your business so as to make a positive impact on millions, if not billions, of people.

Singularity University Faculty Member

The Singularity University’s faculty are a global network of experts with significant breadth and depth across a wide range of topics, including exponential technologies, global grand challenges, entrepreneurship and organizational innovation. Their faculty helps participants develop an exponential mindset and to propel their organizations forward by providing a set of proven tools and frameworks not found elsewhere.


As a strategist, John needs to walk the talk. He has owned and sold a smorgasbord of businesses. Currently, he is involved in the colorful array of projects and ventures which keep him ticking:

Airbrn – Chief Exponential Office of a gamified online platform which rewards employees to learn, play and to participate.

Brollidip – Co-owner of an umbrella sleeving and branding solution.

Tashas – Partner of the Tashas restaurant franchise store in Canal Walk, Cape Town.

Grooma – Partner of a mobile personal grooming app.

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