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Colin Iles | Business Strategy

  • Cape Town

About:  Colin Iles | Business Strategy

Colin Iles has 20 years of experience working for some of the top global consultancies and financial institutions in London, Frankfurt, Singapore and most recently South Africa.

Throughout his career Colin has focused on designing and implementing solutions that bring positive benefits to the communities and stakeholders the organisations serve.

His specific focus in his own words…“Most organisations develop and execute strategies that are no longer appropriate to deal with the existential threats that disruptive technologies bring. It’s incredibly satisfying working with today’s leaders to design models that allow them to adapt and win in this exponentially changing world.”

Whether presenting, facilitating or consulting, Colin mixes his professional experiences with humour, deep research and razor sharp intellect to ensure his audiences stretch their thinking as to where the real threats lie, and whether their organisation, their division or their teams are equipped to deal with these threats.

Outside of running his own consultancy, Colin Iles is CxO of the Barclays Equinox Leadership Centre, is deputy chair of the African Institute of Financial Markets Risk Management, is currently mentoring a number of startups and is currently building an app to reduce the administrative burden for B2B transactions.

What I Do
Colin Iles helps leaders unlock their organisations potential so they can thrive in an exponential world.

Why I Do It
The most profitable companies of today have a secret. They focus on creating services that benefit society. Helping large corporates execute new strategies, is I believe, the most effective way I can contribute to making a better world.

Colin Iles | Business Strategy

Keynotes that challenge your thinking
If you simply want to learn more about exponential technologies then Google is your friend.

If, on the other hand, you want an interactive, tailored keynote, that will be provocative, humorous and will challenge your audience to consider how they must think differently to survive in an exponential world, then let Colin Iles connect.

Workshops that challenge your approach
The business models that were critical to your organisations success, are now becoming your biggest threat.

Colin Iles offers a range of leadership workshops which explore the impact of exponential technologies on organisational process, introduces the models that the fastest growing companies in the world are using and shows you and your teams practical steps that can be taken immediately to experiment with these new approaches.

Organisational Assessments
Will your organisation survive and thrive the 4th industrial revolution?

An impossible question to answer, but an organisational assessment will expose leadership blindspots and offer alternative ideas to improve your chances of success.  Asking for an independent review may be the most important decision you have ever taken.

The easiest way to get started is to email Colin with a question about your organisation.  He will endeavour to respond within 48 hours and unlike consultants will be explicit if he is unable to help.

Quarterly support models
Keynotes, workshops and assessments all act as catalysts for change.  There are however no guarantees that these will provide enough momentum for your organisation to succeed in executing the learnings successfully.

A retainer agreement gives you exclusive and direct access to Colin for ongoing support as you look to embed new approaches across your teams.

Topics Covered

– The power of purposeful leadership
– The attributes of exponential organisations
– We live in exponential Times
– Decisions decisions – Why autonomous teams win
– Outside-in thinking
– Why did we fail / Adapt of die

Keynotes can be custom developed for clients interested in the themes of innovation, culture, leadership and strategy.

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